12 Exotic Worlds…One Convenient Ticket!

Zoo ebook feature covLooking for a good story? Or twelve?

Need a enticing tales to pass the time in line at the supermarket or during your commute? Maybe you’re just a fan of disgustingly evil aliens or Egyptian gods or dinosaurs.

If any of those things sound good, then we’ve got a treat for you.

We’re proud to announce Quantum Zoo.

Why Quantum Zoo? Because that’s the theme of this inaugural edition and the “prompt” that our authors pondered while writing their stories.


Their only other requirement was that the story fit somewhere within the genre realms of science fiction and fantasy. We put out an open call for submissions (thanks “Passive Voice“!) and hoped for the best.

We were blown away! We received so many great stories from some amazing indie authors. Their ingenuity knew few bounds; we were consistently and pleasantly surprised by the creative directions they explored.

We did have to make some tough decisions, ending up with twelve top-notch stories that we both agreed were simply fantastic. The list of authors includes (in no particular order):

Bridget McKenna      John Hindmarsh
Sarah Stegall             D.J. Gelner
Scott Dyson              Morgan Johnson
A.C. Smyth               S.E. Batt
Ken Furie                   Frances Stewart
J.M. Ney-Grimm       R.S. McCoy

Update: Quantum Zoo is available as an ebook from:
Amazon I Amazon UK I Amazon DE I Amazon ES

Pick up a copy and join us on this fantastic journey!

D.J. & J.M.

Sign Up Here
And we’ll let you know when the trade paperback lifts off!



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