Launch Party June 25

What are we celebrating?

Rocket Launch Sequence

The launch of Quantum Zoo.

The book released June 17th and steadily climbed three bestseller charts on Amazon. By the next morning, it was sitting at #3 on the science fiction anthology list.

On the Hot New releases list for SF anthologies, it was…



The book will likely float up and down on the list as sales fluctuate, but this is an excellent start.

I’ll say we have cause to celebrate!

How are we celebrating?

That’s where you come in. We’re having the party right on a page at the other Quantum Zoo website.

On party day – June 25, 2014 – we’ll put up a new post there, and in the comments we’ll hold contests, drawings, and book giveaways of other works by the authors of Quantum Zoo.

You might win the novel Crowchanger by A.C. Smyth, an impromptu haiku poem written by Frances Stewart on the subject of the winner’s choice, the chance to be named as a character in John Hindmarsh’s upcoming Mark Three, my own novel Troll-magic, and more.

You’ll post. We’ll post. It’ll be fun, and you’ll likely win some cool reads!

The party will last all day! Pop in and out of it as the whim strikes you.

We look forward to meeting you over on Quantum Zoo Ultra!

Fireworks 2013 by Georgie Sharp


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