“You’ll Be So Happy, My Dear”

“Good evening.
“Yes, I am the proprietor of this humble little repair shop. You saw my advertisement, the one I so cunningly worded, on the internet? Good, good.
“A space/time/dimension transfer core? Hmmm. I’ll have to search my inventory.
“The advertisement? Well, before I explain that…
“Where were we? Oh, yes, the advertisement. You are looking a little pale, are you —? Very well, I will tell you.
“For years now I have been marooned here, on this tiny, scruffy planet. Years? It feels like centuries.
“Yes, marooned. Although perhaps marooned is not as precise as I need to be. I was fleeing, you see, from a fast patrol ship. They almost had me, back at Alpha C, but I managed to skip a bit further and then they lost track of me. I think that colorful planet, the one with all those rings — very pretty, don’t you think? — deflected their tracking system. And my little ship managed to limp to a landing on this planet.
“Good fortune, you might think.
“You are looking pale —”

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